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Charm 101 Webinar: Watch The Recording to Get Started with The Leading Ecommerce Intelligence Platform

Watch our recent webinar to hear our Customer Success Managers review’s Brand Reports, Prospector, and Lists.

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Use Brand Reports to view key metrics on specific brands

Brand reports provide you with in-depth insights on brands you search. Use our scores to dive into the growth, success, and sophistication of these brands. Get the definitions of these scores below:

  • Charm Growth Score™: The Growth Score is a multi-dimensional scoring algorithm that is indicative of a brands performance over time. We measure rate of change in growth channels common for digitally native brands. We roll all of these signals up into a Growth Score and then we rank on a percentile basis against all other brands in the population.
  • Charm Success Score™: The Success Score uses the same dimensions as Growth but the absolute values. For example, a well known brand like Nike would have a high success score.
  • Charm Sophistication Score™: The Sophistication Score is an analysis of tech stack, ad programs, custom branding, and more to assess how sophisticated a brand’s operation is compared to others.

You can also use Brand Reports to get information on contacts, ads, social media, similar brands, and more.

Use the Prospector to find brands based on category, web traffic, technographics, and more

Use the Prospector to identify brands that fit your unique business needs by using our vast selection of filters. You can export the results to get the full details, including contact information, for each brand.

Find the brands that fit into your target profile by querying across 50+ metrics and utilizing our available preset filters:

  • Breaking out
  • Scaling ads
  • Potential breakouts
  • Sudden growth
  • Etsy only brands
  • New to wholesale
  • Scaling wholesale
  • New advertiser
  • Crushing it on Instagram

Use the Lists feature to keep tabs on your target brands

Lists are how you track brands throughout the Charm database. Once you’ve used the Prospector to build out a List with custom criteria, you can click the “Add to List” button to save those brands as a Static or Dynamic List. Static Lists will never change and Dynamic Lists will change as brands enter and exit the List based on the set criteria.

You can also add brands to Lists one by one. For example, if you want to make a List of comfortable shoes, you can individually search for the brand names that fall under this category and add them to the List through our toggle option on the top right corner of the Brand Report page. Here you can access Lists you’ve previously created or create a new List for this category.

If you want to expand your dataset to brands with similar search criteria, you can toggle to the “Generate Look-alikes” button to the top right of your List. This will identify brands that are similar in topic and social following. Look-alikes works best when your original list of brands are all in the same category (i.e. pet food, sporting goods etc). This feature is likely to double your search volume.

As you use the platform more, you’ll get a feel for which features matter most to you. Login here to get started on today.

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