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Your 2022 DTC recap

While some DTC brands thrived in 2022, others struggled with high customer acquisition costs and unclear paths to profitability. Here’s a summary of the 3 biggest ecommerce stories in 2022:

  1. More brands abandoned the DTC model in categories where it didn’t make sense — Many DTC brands looked to sell their products in more places with several food, beverage, and wellness brands reportedly showing a decrease in their revenue from Shopify.
  2. The continued quest for Meta alternatives — While there is no clear alternative to Meta, some newer startups such as Peace Out Skincare are citing TikTok as core to their new customer acquisition strategy.
  3. Inflation leads brands to rethink their growth calculus — DTC brands are looking to save money wherever they can including on shipping and packaging. There is also an increased focus on customer retention and loyalty over new customer acquisition.

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Potential DTC Breakouts for 2023

These DTC brands are on the cusp of making it big right now. View more potential breakouts HERE.

1. Ken McCarty

Growth Score: 91.6

Bold, Colorful Graphic Pop Art Portraits of the famous and not so famous.

2. Perimade & Co.

Growth Score: 89.5

Shop fashion jewelry creations of timeless beauty and superlative craftsmanship from finest artists and designers. Enjoy free shipping and returns on all orders.

3. Chaads

Growth Score: 86.5

Our in-house underwear scientists spent thousands of hours creating the most comfortable, most supportive pair of boxer briefs on the planet.

4. Caffeinemelts

Growth Score: 86.4

Dr. Steve’s Caffeine Melts® come in 75+ flavors, providing fantastic focus without the shakes, jitters, nor bathroom urgency so that you can FABA: Focus and Be Awesome®

5. Thehaolife

Growth Score: 85.1

The Hao Life blends time-tested and science-backed adaptogenic herbs to create supercharged Chinese herbal supplements promoting holistic wellness and harmony.

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