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HeySocial Accelerates their business with

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About HeySocial

HeySocial is an advertising agency that specializes in TikTok advertising for ecommerce brands. Twin brothers, Lucien and Simon, are the co-founders of the company, which has worked with brands such as Coinbase and Manscaped to rapidly and consistently grow their social media followings.

The Prospecting Problem

Prior to finding, Lucien and Simon used a virtual assistant and various tech tools to create prospecting lists. However, the tools they used required them to review each company individually to ensure it matched the criteria, which wasted a significant amount of time. The most they could target each month was around 3,000 new prospects.

After signing up with, that number grew to 10,000 prospects in a matter of two weeks. Given HeySocial’s immediate success with, we asked these co-founders to speak with us about why they think has led to such impressive results so quickly.

Favorite Features

“ is an impressive prospecting tool for our sales team,” said Lucien and Simon. “We can narrow down our potential targets to a prioritized list based on precise criteria. The wide range of filters available in and easy exporting capabilities are some of our favorite features. With the quick export, the information is immediately usable and creates instant value for our team. The customer success team has also been incredibly helpful and responsive to our needs.”

Filters for Precise Prospecting

The team at HeySocial uses’s filtering capabilities to build specific and customized prospect lists. Some attributes they look for include revenue, market, advertising, and TikTok growth. Because they deliver TikTok advertising services, they can focus on brands that are using TikTok but may not be growing at the pace they would like.

Once the filters are in place, it’s easy for HeySocial to build custom static or dynamic lists and export them as needed. Compared to their previous process before signing up for, HeySocial was able to save significant time, build more extensive and precise lists, and contact more prospects in just a matter of days. Before Charm, HeySocial spent two weeks getting 5,000 emails, and now with Charm, they can get 5,000 emails in just 30 minutes.

Customer Service

Lucien and Simon shared their thoughts on the customer service experience with “ is very customer-centric. Our account manager is always responsive to our needs. Recently, we had a question about an issue we were dealing with, and the customer service team was able to quickly teach us about the key features that would help us to overcome those challenges. We had a solution in minutes, not days.”

HeySocial’s Real Results Using

When we spoke to HeySocial, the team had only used for a few weeks, which made the results they shared even more impressive. After signing up for, the company could prospect for the same number of brands in 20% of the time. While HeySocial used to contact approximately 3,000 brands in a month, they accomplished the same thing in just six days using

Results After 6 Days

  • Sent 2,958 emails — five times higher than the average HeySocial sent previously within the same timeframe
  • Had an email open rate of 75%
  • Added 34 prospects with an average value of $88,000
  • Booked 14 discovery calls with a close rate of 14%

At the time of the interview, HeySocial had approximately $42,000 worth of qualified leads in the pipeline. We followed up with them to get their results after just one month of using Charm. They increased their success numbers significantly during that time.

Results After 1 Month

  • Added 71 prospects valuing $177k
  • Booked 50 discovery calls — five times the amount of discovery calls they would previously book in a month
  • Closed 7 deals and added $19,250 MRR with the rest of their prospects still in discussions or pushed back to the new year

HeySocial Recommends

“We would recommend to any company that wants to be really precise with their cold outreach while saving a significant amount of time,” said Lucien and Simon. “Some of our favorite things about are the precision, time savings, and robust data that we get from the platform and the quality of their customer service, including their ability to take feedback for future product updates.”

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Questions about Charm? Attend our monthly Charm webinar where our Customer Success Managers will show you how Charm can help you grow your business.

Questions about Charm?

Attend our monthly Charm webinar where our Customer Success Managers will show you how Charm can help you grow your business.

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