Performance Scoring

Charm Growth Score™ & Charm Success Score™

Charm Growth Score™: Multidimensional scores of different social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc. We measure not just the likes but also their engagement (% change over 12 months). We also pull up their website traffic, which is a great indicator of the popularity of the brand.

The advertising component is another great indicator of the product-market fit of the brand, especially if the spending increases for a digitally native brand.

The percentile on the growth score indicates that the brand is doing X percentile better than other brands out there in a similar category.

Charm Success Score™: An absolute value of the growth score, while considering the exact same metrics. The more successful a brand is, the closer the number will be to 100. For example, Nike would have a success score of 100 because they have all their growth metrics in place.

Charm Sophistication Score™

Charm Sophistication Score™: Our vast data resources enable us to correlate the actions of a brand on their website to the overall success of the brand. Some indicators are what technology; apps and services they are using the optimize their business, what their advertising program looks like; are they A/B testing, are using custom or themed branding, etc.

You can have a high Charm Growth Score™ and Charm Success Score™ but a low Charm Sophistication Score™. This is an indicator of the areas of improvement for your business.

Other Scores

Another relative scoring: Compare your brands to other brands, across multiple dimensions; social channels, online reseller score, Alexa rank score, etc. Analyze the scores to understand how scoring can provide a holistic understanding of how fast a brand is growing and what is their likelihood of success.

DTC Prospector

Brand Filters

A very powerful tool to search across all DTC ecommerce. Find the brands that fit into your target profile by querying across 50+ metrics, creating custom search criteria, and building dynamic/static watch lists of brands.

Available presets

Breaking out

Potential breakouts

Sudden growth

Etsy only brands

New to wholesale

Scaling wholesale

New advertiser

Scaling ads

Crushing it on Instagram

Filter Results

You can currently view the filtered brands with higher visibility into more columns like new products launch/ month, technologies, Instagram followers, Crunchbase money raised, and other custom metrics. Additionally, you can export the files as a CSV and receive every data we have on that brand as well as the different contact information pertinent to the brand.

If you build out a custom criterion, you can further create a static Dynamic list of brands. A static list is a select list of brands, whereas, a dynamic list will evolve over time as more brands get added or removed from your list as they meet your search criteria.

Breaking Out Preset

Brand presets are a number of saved searches based on different filters that we understand are important to businesses. Breaking Out is our most popular filter which is a combination of our Charm Growth Score™ and the Charm Success Score™.

In this video, we walk through two high-growth brands - Waterdrop and Cushion Lab and analyze the proprietary Charm data we have on them; including their ads, Charm Growth Scores™, social growth, etc.

Amazon Prospector

The Amazon Prospector helps you identify Sellers and Brands you can work with in the Amazon space. Search by Amazon Sellers, Products, and Brands. Filter by metrics to identify sellers or brands that may fit your ideal. customer profile.


Brand Lists

Direct Lists

We rank and track millions of brands in our dataset and the Charm lists are a way to curate specific brands that add to your business goals. You can access the brand/product directory directly on the homepage with our search feature.

For example, if you want to make a list of comfortable shoes, you can individually search for the brand names that fall under this category and add them to the list through our toggle option on the top right corner of the Brand Deep Dive Reports page. Here you can access previously accessed lists or create a new list for this category.

Prospector Lists

If you don't want to search for individual brands and want to create a list of defined filters, then the Prospector tool is a great resource. Drill down your ideal profile filters and access the custom list. You can then create either a static or dynamic list. Statis lists do not change whereas dynamic lists are automatically updated on a weekly basis based on your filters.

Exclusion Lists

While it's great to add search criteria, sometimes you may want to omit certain filters during your search as well. For example, the names of brands you've previously exported. You can access our “Exclude Lists” feature to filter brands further. To omit certain lists from returning certain records in Charm, you can upload a static list of leads to use as an exclusion list in the Prospector and Lists.

Look-Alike Lists

With Look-alikes, you can generate similar brands to the ones you upload at scale. It's perfect for marketers looking to generate look-alike audiences and salespeople searching for new, qualified prospects.

Key Features

Follow a Brand

All users can follow brands to get newsfeed updates on their performance. Here's how to do it:

1. Click "Follow" on any Brand Deep Dive Report and get updates on that brand sent to your inbox every two weeks

2. View the newsfeed of brands you are following on your  Account page

Here's what you need to know about following brands on Charm:

  • Be the first to know if a brand added new technology, hired new employees, launched new ads, added new products, and more.
  • Use the Prospector or Trending Page to find and follow brands in the category you want to build in.
  • Once you've followed a brand, view the "Events" tab on Brand Deep Dive Reports to view all updates and insights for the brands you are following.
  • Search for competitor brands to keep tabs on their new initiatives.

Tech Tab

Here’s how to access the directory of technologies that Charm Tracks

File Exports

When exporting from Charm, you’re given 3 files- one for brand data, one for contacts, and one with Charm data definitions.

Product Search

Finding one brand can lead to finding many- use the Charm product search feature to find brands selling a specific product. This is particularly useful for brands within niche categories.

How Clients Use Charm: Prospector and Brand Deep Dive Reports Tutorial


Agencies can use the Prospector to find brands that are increasing their advertising presence. They can also find brands based on category, social media growth, and more.


Marketplaces can use Charm to prospect by Online Resellers, Online Resellers Growth, Category, Charm Sophistication Score™, and more.


SaaS companies can use Charm to prospect for high-growth brands with a mid-level of success. They can also filter by Store Platform, Category, Technology used, and much more.


3PLs can use the Distribution tab to view any brand's reseller program. They can see the resellers they are working with, the number of products being sold, and the marketplaces that are being used. The Stores tab shows the websites the brand is selling from, new products, the pricing of products, and more. These filters, among others, can also be used on a macro level in the Prospector.


Aggregators may use the Charm Growth Score™, Charm Success Score™, year founded, category, and other metrics to find brands that might be a good fit to be acquired.



Brands use Charm to monitor how they are  doing compared to the competition. They can stay informed and ahead of the competition.