Rozee Digital Case Study: Elevating Ecommerce Growth With Charm

About Rozee Digital

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Tom Rozee, the owner of Rozee Digital, an ecommerce growth agency based in the UK. Their team leverages the power of paid search, social advertising, email, and creative to propel their clients' brands to new heights. Rozee Digital partners with thriving ecommerce brands that generate over $50k in monthly revenue, and they have been using for over six months to identify and research the ideal companies to reach out to. The following are some of the features and benefits of that have made the most significant impact on Rozee Digital's prospecting efforts.

Accelerated & Refined Prospecting

To accelerate their prospecting efforts and gain in-depth insights into their target audience's growth trajectory and online activities, Rozee Digital sought a comprehensive database solution. While they had explored various tools in the past, it was that stood out with its ideal blend of advanced features, customizable filters, and intuitive interface, which enabled Rozee Digital to supercharge its prospecting process.

High-Quality Brands & Streamlined Process

Tom was impressed by the abundance of high-quality brands available on's platform. He commended the seamless experience offered by, which has significantly streamlined Rozee Digital's ability to identify ideal target companies. has enabled the Rozee Digital team to effortlessly discover the most relevant brands using advanced filters and export target lists. "It's way quicker. We just find the brands, use all the search filters, and the job is done," said Tom. The Rozee Digital team has fully embraced's capabilities, using every filter to pinpoint the most valuable prospects for their marketing and sales efforts. Tom reports that they started seeing results instantly.


Focus on Specific Niches

Rozee Digital can use Charm’s Growth Score, category filters, and more to pinpoint specific companies experiencing significant growth within their respective niches. By researching the tech and strategies these thriving businesses implement, Rozee Digital gains invaluable insights to fuel its campaigns. 


Simply Effective

Rozee Digital's team recommends the platform to any company seeking top-tier brands for prospecting. As Tom says, "I'll keep it short and sweet. I have no complaints, and I've been using for a while." 

We would like to thank Tom Rozee and Rozee Digital for sharing their story and enthusiastically endorsing 

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    The job is done

    "It's way quicker. We just find the brands, use all the search filters, and the job is done"

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