Okendo Uses Charm's Intuitive Ecommerce Platform To Enrich Lead Data

About Okendo

We spoke with Safiya Moran from Okendo to learn how she and her team are using Charm.io and some of the secrets behind their success with the process. Okendo is a customer marketing platform that raised a $26 million series A financing round. Today the company works with over 5,000 consumer brands and helps them attract more shoppers, increase sales, and increase their customer lifetime value. One of their most popular services is the reviews platform that works with Shopify ecommerce stores. Okendo aims to build customers for life and is trusted by some of Shopify’s fastest-growing brands. The company also integrates with over 50 commerce technologies, enabling it to deliver seamless experiences to consumers and increase brand loyalty and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Favorite Features

Okendo uses Charm.io to discover new prospects and enrich the data that they have on existing leads. Some of their favorite features of the Charm.io platform include identifying DTC brands by the technologies they use and where they are located. Another favorite feature is Charm.io’s proprietary scores for all DTC brands, including ranking DTC brands based on Growth Score, Success Score, and Sophistication Score. The Okendo team has found the platform to be exceptionally intuitive, which saves significant time on a daily basis and when onboarding new team members. All of the data and tools that Safiya and her team need are right at their fingertips.



Within Charm.io’s platform, companies can see which types of technologies DTC brands are using. These insights are particularly helpful for Okendo since they primarily work with companies that use Shopify. The Tech Tab (within every Charm.io Brand Report) tells their team which DTC brands use the Shopify platform and which other tools they are using in conjunction with Shopify. They can also use the Prospector tool to easily view a comprehensive list of DTC brands using Shopify. This information is also synced to their Hubspot account. Since Okendo has a long list of integration partners, this helps them identify which brands work with their partners.

Many companies use this tool to know how to customize their sales pitches to various companies and which integrations they can lead within marketing. Often, brands that use a sophisticated tech stack will be more likely to purchase from a company that integrates into their existing workflows.

This view into technologies used also provides insights into which competitors the DTC brands may be using. This is a key indicator that the brand has a need for Okendo’s services and would likely be a good fit if the Okendo team could win over the decision-makers.

Companies frequently use Charm.io to do competitive research and create a target list of prospects that are currently using competing companies. This information helps to prepare the sales team and position marketing messages as comparison tools that allow companies to see why they should make the switch away from the competition.



Members of the Okendo team also use Charm.io’s proprietary scores to enrich their existing data. This helps them prioritize the fastest-growing brands and it expands their TAM to up-and-coming brands that are growing super fast. Since the company has its sights set on the top 10% of Shopify brands, the Growth Score is a key indicator to follow to identify its ideal prospects.


Customer Support

Safiya also noted that they are connected to the customer support team at Charm.io through a dedicated Slack channel, which has made it incredibly convenient for them to get help as needed and receive responses quickly.


Enriching Hubspot Data

Okendo uses Hubspot as its marketing software, which means the company benefits from Charm.io’s seamless integration with Hubspot. This enables the team to run Charm.io continuously in the background to enrich the data that they have on prospects and leads within their system. When Okendo runs special campaigns to expand its database, the team relies on Charm.io to create a list of target companies that are not already in their Hubspot system.

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Looking to the Future: 2023 Plans for Charm.io

While Okendo’s team has gained significant benefits from the Charm.io platform, Safiya believes they are only using about 25% of what the technology has to offer. She says that 2023 would be a great time to expand their use of Charm.io and the benefits that it brings to their company. The team can also take advantage of Charm.io’s weekly newsletters and monthly webinars by the Customer Success Team to expand their use of the platform.

    Reliable data enrichment tool

    “We recommend Charm.io to any company in the ecommerce field that would like to prospect for DTC brands and leverage a reliable data enrichment tool...Charm.io provides the best data coverage of the tools we’ve tried."

Okendo Recommends Charm.io for Ecommerce Data Enrichment

“We recommend Charm.io to any company in the ecommerce field that would like to prospect for DTC brands and leverage a reliable data enrichment tool,” said Safiya. “Charm.io provides the best data coverage of the tools we’ve tried, and the user-friendly, intuitive interface makes it easy for any company to use the platform. Charm.io has become a critical tool in Okendo’s data enrichment process.”

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