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As the ecommerce landscape adapts to privacy changes, many brands are deploying new channels of growth. Wholesale programs have become more popular over the last two years as brands look for new ways to acquire customers. Charm tracks brands wholesaling their products as well as websites that sell multiple brands.

The Distribution Tab of a Brand Profile shares if brands participate in wholesale partnerships and how they grow over time. In addition, we track which websites sell multiple brands. You can now see which brands these wholesale websites are selling via the “Stores” tab on a brand profile. For example, check out the list of brands that Blue Mercury is selling here.

View Brands Sold by Blue Mercury

View the full list here.

View Product Launch History

View the product launch history to see when top brands started being sold by the reseller. Check out Blue Mercury’s launch history here.

Prospect for Brands with Wholesale Programs

Get a full list of brands with wholesale programs by using the Prospector to filter by “Online Resellers.” Click on any brand to go to their individual Brand Report page and learn more about their growth and success.

Filter by Online Resellers here.

Prospect for Websites Selling Multiple Brands

Find which Online Retailers are selling multiple brands on their website. Select the “Brands on Store” filter in the Prospector tool.

Filter by Brands on Store here.

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