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Brand Insights into Any Ecommerce Brands

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, staying ahead of the competition requires more than just keeping an eye on the market; it demands insightful analysis and strategic decision-making. This is where Charm, the leading brand discovery and analysis platform, comes into play. By harnessing the power of advanced AI and machine learning technology, Charm provides comprehensive brand insights to B2B SaaS companies, retailers, investors, 3PLs, agencies, and corporate development teams, empowering them to navigate the digital landscape with precision.

Charm's Robust Features: Building the Perfect Pipeline

At the core of Charm's capabilities is the ability to build the perfect pipeline of qualified ecommerce brands. Users can prospect across an extensive array of metrics, including the Charm Growth Score™, Charm Success Score™, Charm Sophistication Score™, ad count, tech stack, marketplace, and social media metrics, among others. This functionality allows users to identify and target brands that align seamlessly with their goals and offerings.

Diligence Made Easy: Integrating Charm with CRM

Charm facilitates seamless diligence by integrating with CRM platforms. This integration not only saves time but also enables users to leverage key metrics from Charm to understand which brands are the right fit for their business. Supercharging lead scoring becomes a reality, as users can qualify and prioritize leads with the highest potential for success, leading to increased win-rates.

Personalization for Success: Messaging and Beyond

Unlocking the full potential of personalized messaging, Charm allows users to utilize data points for increased email open rates and more closed deals. By tailoring outreach based on the insights provided, brands can establish a deeper connection with their target audience and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Charm in Action: Faherty

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Let's delve into a practical example to showcase how Charm unveils brand insights. Take Faherty, a brand renowned for its premium fabrics and sustainably-minded approach. Charm's metrics reveal Faherty's Charm Growth Score™ at 85.6, Charm Success Score™ at 74.4, and Charm Sophistication Score™ at 59.2. With a lifetime ad count of 4,032, monthly web traffic of 137K, and a product count of 1,492, Faherty's digital presence is robust. Charm also identifies similar brands such as Gaala, The Sunday Collective, and Eiko Ai, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of Faherty's competitive landscape.

Charm's Comprehensive Tracking Metrics

Charm's crawlers visit 2.5 million web pages daily, utilizing AI with proprietary detection capabilities to track every product SKU globally. By comparing individual SKUs, Charm detects brands and creates competitive peer sets. The platform maps global brand assets through computer vision-powered image and text matching, offering a comprehensive picture of a brand's identity.

Algorithmic Brilliance: Scoring for Success

Harnessing machine learning algorithms, Charm processes collected data to create proprietary composite scores for each brand online. These scores encompass every aspect of digital performance relative to category peers, providing a holistic view for informed decision-making.

Key Metrics Tracked by Charm

Charm tracks a vast array of metrics, totaling over 160. Key metrics include lifetime ad count, social media growth, product count, monthly web traffic, growth rates, similar brands, distribution channels, advertising exposure, tech stack, and reseller adoption.

Charm's brand insights platform revolutionizes how businesses navigate the ecommerce landscape. By providing in-depth, actionable insights, Charm empowers users to fill their sales pipelines, discover growth opportunities, and enhance competitive intelligence. In a world where data is king, Charm reigns supreme, guiding brands toward success in the dynamic realm of ecommerce.


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