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3 Tips for Closing Deals with’s actionable data can help you build the perfect pipeline and close deals today. Use these three tips to make your prospecting efforts a breeze.

1. Build the perfect prospecting list

Use the Prospector to filter for your ideal customer profile. Filter by fast-growing brands, product category, annual revenue, ad count growth, technologies used, amount of money raised, and more.

You can export the results to get the full details, including contact information, for each brand.

2. Know your prospect before going outbound

Use Brand Reports to get information on target brands, so you can tailor your message accordingly before you go outbound.

What’s in a brand report?
📈 Growth Score
💁 Sophistication Score
🏆 Success Score
📱 Social media metrics
🖥️ Ad count
💻 Technologies used
And so much more…

3. Get updates on new prospects that meet your key criteria

Lists are how you track brands throughout the Charm database. Once you’ve used the Prospector to build out a List with custom criteria, you can click the “Add to List” button to save those brands as a Static or Dynamic List. You’ll get email updates as brands enter and exit your Dynamic List based on matched criteria.

If you want to expand your dataset to brands with similar search criteria, you can toggle to the “Generate Look-alikes” button to the top right of your List to identify brands that are similar in topic and social following.

Have additional questions? Attend our upcoming Charm 101 webinar to hear from our Customer Success Managers about how to build the perfect pipeline and find DTC insights with Charm.

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