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Intuit Mailchimp Announces Wix Partnership and Holiday Ecommerce Features

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Intuit Mailchimp has partnered with Wix, a global SaaS platform, and introduced features for ecommerce ahead of the holiday shopping season. Here's what you need to know: 

  • These features, including Buy with Prime integration, generative AI (genAI), and SMS enhancements, offer marketers advanced tools to personalize and automate their marketing efforts.  
  • Mailchimp users with a Wix account will be able to integrate customer data and enhance their marketing campaigns seamlessly.
  • The Mailchimp for Buy with Prime app transfers Buy with Prime events, such as abandoned checkout contact details, to Mailchimp to enable personalized checkout recovery campaigns.
  • Personalization is emphasized in the new features, as it boosts customer trust and engagement, especially during the holiday season. Stats show that customers are 87% more likely to click on an email if it’s personalized to them

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Prospect for Brands Based on Tech for Pesonalized Outreach

Prospect for brands that are using technologies your product integrates with and showcase the seamless integration within your outreach.

Use the Prospector’s Tech tab to select the type of technology you are looking for.

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Search by technology name, and click “Apply Filters” to get a full list of brands using that technology. Export the list and start your personalized outreach!


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