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In the dynamic landscape of ecommerce, staying ahead of the competition requires insights beyond the conventional metrics. Enter Charm, a revolutionary brand discovery and analysis platform that leverages advanced AI and machine learning to unveil the fastest-growing ecommerce companies. Through its powerful metrics, including the Charm Growth Score™, we've identified the top 10 companies that are redefining success in the digital retail space.

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How to Uncover the Gems with

Charm is a versatile platform tailored for various audiences, from B2B SaaS companies and retailers to investors and agencies. It empowers users to make informed decisions, enhance lead scoring, and discover growth opportunities. By utilizing over 160 metrics, Charm. provides a comprehensive analysis of ecommerce brands, helping users build pipelines, personalize messaging, and improve competitive intelligence. A free trial offers access to 100 brand reports, enabling users to delve into the fascinating world of ecommerce success stories.

Decoding the Charm Growth Score™

At the heart of Charm's analytical prowess lies the Charm Growth Score™ – a metric that calculates growth based on factors like social media growth, website traffic, and more. The percentile on the Growth Score™ indicates how a brand stacks up against others in a similar category. The higher the percentile, the more the brand is outperforming its peers. Now, let's delve into the success stories of the top 10 fastest-growing ecommerce companies, all uncovered by the Charm Growth Score™.

The Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies

1. Temu

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies - Temu

Temu is your ultimate destination for a wide array of affordable items, spanning across various categories including home decor, electronics, pet supplies, sports gear, and toys. With a commitment to offering wholesale prices anytime, Temu ensures that customers can find budget-friendly options without compromising on quality or variety. Temu's diverse product offerings and competitive pricing strategy have positioned it as a formidable player in the ecommerce market, as evidenced by its impressive Charm Growth Score™. By catering to multiple consumer needs under one platform and maintaining affordability, Temu has successfully attracted a broad customer base seeking value for their money. Its dedication to providing accessible yet high-quality products makes Temu a standout ecommerce company to keep an eye on.

2. Popilush

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies - Popilush

Popilush, known for its bodysuits for women, is carving its niche with avant-garde designs and sustainable practices. In addition to creating versatile all-day bodysuits and shapewear, Popilush also commits to creating eco-friendly fashion, resonating strongly with conscious consumers. 

3. Shein

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies - Shein

Shein is a global fashion giant known for its affordable and trendy clothing. Catering to a diverse audience, Shein's vast inventory and agile supply chain contribute to its popularity among fashion enthusiasts. Shein's exponential growth is attributed to its swift adaptation to changing fashion trends and a seamless online shopping experience. The Charm Growth Score™ highlights Shein's dominance, positioning it as a trendsetter in the ecommerce fashion realm.

4. Clarks

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies - Clarks

Clarks, a longstanding name in footwear, continues to thrive in the ecommerce era. Known for quality and comfort, Clarks offers a wide range of stylish and durable footwear for every occasion. Clarks' success story is rooted in its heritage of craftsmanship and a seamless transition to the digital space. The Charm Growth Score™ indicates that Clarks is not just a classic brand but a dynamic force in the ecommerce footwear industry.

5. Sol de Janeiro

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies - Sol de Janeiro

Sol de Janeiro has carved a niche in the beauty industry with its luxurious and vibrant skincare products. Inspired by the lively spirit of Brazil, their range includes body creams, fragrances, and skincare essentials. Sol de Janeiro's success is driven by its commitment to authenticity and a captivating brand narrative. The Charm Growth Score™ highlights their impressive journey in captivating beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

6. Commense

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies - Commense

Commense is a global-minded fashion brand that revolutionizes the industry by offering high-end boutique fashion pieces at radically low prices. From sophisticated blazers to chic dresses, stylish trousers to trendy tops, Commense caters to fashion-forward individuals looking for quality without breaking the bank. Commense's innovative approach to fashion has garnered widespread acclaim, reflected in its impressive Charm Growth Score™. By offering luxurious designs at affordable prices, the brand has captured the attention of budget-conscious shoppers without compromising on style or quality. Its ability to bridge the gap between high-end fashion and accessibility has propelled Commense to the forefront of the ecommerce fashion scene, making it a company to watch out for.

7. F1 Las Vegas

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies - F1 Las Vegas

F1 Las Vegas brings the thrill of motorsports to the ecommerce arena with its extensive range of merchandise. From official team gear to collectibles, F1 Las Vegas caters to racing enthusiasts worldwide. F1 Las Vegas has successfully tapped into the global fascination with Formula 1. Their strategic online marketing and merchandise variety contribute to their remarkable Charm Growth Score™, reflecting their accelerating success.

8. Flipper Zero

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies - Flipper Zero

Flipper Zero is at the forefront of the tech industry, offering a versatile range of smart devices and gadgets. From security tools to innovative tech accessories, Flipper Zero appeals to the tech-savvy consumer. Flipper Zero's success lies in its commitment to technological innovation and a strong online community. The Charm Growth Score™ showcases their ascent as a key player in the ecommerce tech gadget realm.


Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies - Sheglam

SHEGLAM is a beauty powerhouse specializing in affordable and trendsetting cosmetics. From vibrant eyeshadow palettes to skincare essentials, SHEGLAM caters to the ever-evolving beauty preferences of its diverse customer base. SHEGLAM's success is rooted in its ability to provide quality beauty products at affordable prices. The Charm Growth Score™ highlights their exceptional performance in the competitive ecommerce beauty market.

10. Stanley 1913

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies - Stanley Cup

Stanley 1913 drinkware combines heritage and modernity in its ecommerce offerings, specializing in durable and stylish drinkware. From classic thermoses to contemporary tumblers, Stanley offers quality products for outdoor enthusiasts. Stanley's Charm Growth Score™ underscores its successful fusion of tradition and innovation. The brand's commitment to quality and a strong online presence have contributed to its impressive growth in the ecommerce drinkware niche.

The ecommerce landscape is ever-evolving, and these ten companies are leading the charge with their remarkable growth, as highlighted by the Charm Growth Score™. From sustainable lifestyle choices to cutting-edge tech gadgets, these brands are not only meeting consumer demands but surpassing them, setting new standards for success in the digital retail space. As we continue to witness the ecommerce revolution, these companies are undoubtedly ones to watch, setting the bar for innovation, customer engagement, and overall business excellence.


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Questions about Charm?

Attend our monthly Charm webinar where our Customer Success Managers will show you how Charm can help you grow your business.

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