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Follow brands on Charm to get a newsfeed of insights has released a new feature allowing all Charm users to follow brands they are interested in. Following brands on Charm is crucial to professionals in the ecommerce industry including:

  • Agencies keeping a pulse on brand inspiration
  • Individuals interested in tracking the ecommerce industry
  • Ecommerce brands tracking their competitors
  • VC’s interested in getting insights on certain brands or certain categories

Follow these steps to start following brands on

1. Click “Follow” on any Brand Report and get updates on that brand sent to your inbox every two weeks

Follow a Brand

2. View the newsfeed of brands you are following on your Account page

View Followed Brands

Here’s what you need to know about following brands on Charm:

  • Be the first to know if a brand added new technology, hired new employees, launched new ads, added new products, and more.
  • Use the Prospector or Trending Page to find and follow brands in the category you want to build in.
  • Once you’ve followed a brand, view the “Events” tab on Brand Reports to view all updates and insights for the brands you are following.
  • Search for competitor brands to keep tabs on their new initiatives

Start following a brand for free on

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