Yardline Boosts Revenue and Enhances Prospecting Efficiency With Charm

About Yardline

Yardline, a leading provider of financing solutions for ecommerce businesses, embarked on a journey to improve its revenue generation and prospecting efficiency. This case study explores how Yardline leveraged Charm.io to achieve significant growth in revenue, streamline prospecting efforts, and close deals more effectively. We will also highlight the invaluable support Yardline received from Charm.io's Customer Success team, enabling them to optimize their prospecting criteria and leverage the platform's features to their advantage.

Yardline’s Ecommerce Funding Solutions

Yardline offers ecommerce businesses access to personalized funding solutions including small business loans, revolving lines of credit, revenue-based financing, credit cards, and more. By providing funding from $5k to $20 million in as fast as 24 hours, Yardline makes it fast and easy for ecommerce businesses to get the funding they need to grow and scale. Yardline also provides businesses with the best rates and terms to meet their funding needs, so they don’t need to shop around for alternative solutions.

Yardline primarily uses Charm’s ecommerce data for outbound email marketing campaigns and targeted advertisements. Prior to using Charm.io, Yardline’s primary marketing channel was paid search on Google. Charm made it easy to identify companies and contacts within this segment to help drive in new customers at a lower CPA without the hassle and costs of typical paid media strategies.

Yardline was Looking for an Efficient Prospecting Solution to Drive Revenue

Before implementing Charm.io, Yardline faced several challenges in their prospecting and revenue generation processes. They struggled to identify and connect with their ideal customer profile. They needed to find businesses that qualified for funding and would also be looking for additional capital to grow and scale. Additionally, manual prospecting efforts were time-consuming and yielded inconsistent results. Yardline sought a solution that would enhance their prospecting effectiveness, increase closed deals, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Charm exceeded their expectations in terms of what a prospecting tool could do. Charm provided highly specific lists of companies and contacts that Yardline used for sales and marketing initiatives. Data from Charm fueled their sales pipeline and led to a fivefold increase in monthly closed deals compared to their previous numbers. What was once a $2,500 CAC was now reduced by 60% to $1,000.

Yardline Used Charm’s Breadth of Data to Prospect for Key Clients

Recognizing the need for a powerful prospecting tool, Yardline subscribed to Charm.io. The platform's advanced filtering capabilities across a wide breadth of data were instrumental in transforming their prospecting efforts. Unlike other platforms, Charm could help them prospect by Growth Score, Success Score, and Sophistication Score. These metrics played a crucial role in helping Yardline find brands looking for funding. Yardline specifically utilized the following filters to identify a prospecting list that fit their ideal customer profile (ICP):


Revenue Estimate

Yardline set their prospecting criteria within the revenue estimate range of $500,000 to $5 million, ensuring they targeted businesses that were established, but may be looking for additional funding solutions to order more inventory, launch new products, or run more ads. 


Contacts with Email

Yardline filtered to find prospects that had at least one contact with an email address. This filter ensured they could directly engage with key decision-makers, streamlining their communication process.


Year Founded

Yardline focused on companies founded before 2022, so they would qualify for a wider array of funding options based on their time in business.


Success Score

Yardline employed the Success Score filter within the range of -15 to 50, enabling them to prioritize prospects with low to moderate success that were likely looking for funding to help them grow and scale.

By inputting these criteria into Charm’s Prospector, Yardline quickly identified and downloaded a list that included tens of thousands of contacts and companies. Yardline used Charm contacts, an email validator, and other Charm-preferred partners to go outbound to these contacts with an email marketing campaign and to support their targeted ads across social media.

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Yardline Increased Revenue by 25% Within The First Few Months of Using Charm

Shortly after implementing Charm, Yardline saw a profound impact on their marketing and sales efforts, especially supporting their business across these key areas: 


Increased Revenue

By leveraging Charm.io's advanced filtering capabilities, Yardline targeted businesses with greater precision, leading to improved lead quality and higher conversion rates. As a result, Yardline experienced a significant boost in revenue, surpassing their previous benchmarks.

In fact, within the first three months of using Charm data for outbound email and social advertising efforts, Yardline increased revenue by 25% within the first few months of using Charm. “Charm quickly paid for itself. It’s a must-have tool for anyone looking to streamline their prospecting efforts and increase revenue,” said Seth Broman, CRO of Yardline.


Efficient Prospecting

Charm.io revolutionized Yardline's prospecting efforts by automating and streamlining their lead generation process. Charm’s specific filters allowed Yardline to identify and focus on prospects that aligned perfectly with their ideal customer profile. This efficiency translated into reduced manual efforts, improved productivity, and more meaningful connections with potential clients.

The team was also impressed with the breadth and coverage of Charm’s data. Even after putting in highly specific prospecting criteria, Yardline always had a large list of prospects to work with. They also appreciate Charm’s List feature which automates their prospecting efforts. Since Yardline created a Dynamic List of their key prospecting criteria, they receive automated emails when a new brand matches their prospecting criteria and is added to the list. These automatic updates made it so Yardline never missed out on a quality prospect. 


Enhanced Closed Deals

With Charm.io's comprehensive customer data, Yardline gained valuable insights into prospect behavior, preferences, and pain points. Armed with knowledge about brands’ growth, ad count, product count, and more, Yardline's sales team was better equipped to tailor their pitch and address prospects' specific needs effectively. Consequently, Yardline witnessed a significant increase in closed deals and conversion rates.



Benefitting from Charm.io's Customer Success Team

Yardline found immense value in the support and guidance provided by Charm.io's Customer Success team. The team was always available to answer Yardline’s questions via email, phone, or chat box on the website to ensure Yardline extracted the most value from their investment. The one-on-one assistance was not something Yardline experienced before with other data solutions, and continues to be a key benefit of using the Charm platform.

Yardline also attends monthly Charm 101 Webinars held by the Customer Success Team. These webinars help them learn valuable tips and tricks to maximize the potential of Charm’s data and reports. “While the platform is easy to use on its own, the team always helped us learn about Charm’s many features and leverage the data in the most efficient way possible for our team, saving us a significant amount of time in our prospecting efforts,” said Broman.


    Quickly paid for itself

    "Charm quickly paid for itself. It’s a must-have tool for anyone looking to streamline their prospecting efforts and increase revenue."

Yardline Leverages Charm.io’s Data Every Week

Yardline recognized the ongoing importance of leveraging Charm.io in their day-to-day operations. “By updating our target audience on a weekly basis, we remain confident in our ability to identify new clients that fit our ICP in real-time, streamline the closing process, and further increase revenue,” said Seth Broman.

The Yardline team also mentioned how impressed they are with Charm’s constant innovation. Just recently Charm.io launched the Amazon Prospector, allowing Yardline to prospect across the Amazon landscape and get further insights into Amazon’s sellers, brands, and products. Throughout their time using Charm, Yardline has seen Charm provide new tools, features, and data updates to their customers. The Yardline team expressed their satisfaction in knowing the Charm team is dedicated to providing them with best-in-class data coverage of the ecommerce landscape.

Whether Yardline is using Charm to identify new companies that fit their ICP or researching current prospects in preparation for sales calls, the team believes that Charm is a business-critical tool for their company’s day-to-day operations and success.

Continued Success with Charm

Through the strategic implementation of Charm.io, Yardline achieved remarkable success in revenue growth, prospecting efficiency, and closed deals. The platform's advanced filtering capabilities continue to empower Yardline to identify and engage with their ideal customer profile. With continuous support from Charm.io's Customer Success team and their commitment to leveraging the platform's features, Yardline remains on track to achieve sustained growth, secure key clients, and increase revenue in the competitive ecommerce financing landscape. Yardline recommends Charm to anyone looking to create the perfect pipeline, close deals, and increase revenue.

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