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The Top 10 Sock Brands

Socks are often an afterthought, relegated to the bottom of a dresser drawer. But in recent years, the sock industry has undergone a transformation. Gone are the days of boring white cotton socks. Today's top sock brands are offering a variety of styles, colors, and materials to cater to every taste and need. And according to the Charm Growth Score™, some sock brands are growing at an impressive rate.

This article dives into ten of the fastest-growing sock brands, highlighting what makes them stand out and the reasons behind their success.

1. Flux Footwear

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Flux Footwear leads the pack as one of the fastest-growing sock brands. They offer a range of stylish and comfortable socks for men and women, with a focus on barefoot-inspired designs that promote natural movement. Their impressive Charm Growth Score indicates both significant growth and marketing efficiency.

2. Thursday Boot Company

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Thursday Boot Company isn't just about boots anymore. They've expanded into socks, offering high-quality, durable options perfect for everyday wear. Their focus on customer satisfaction and quality materials has likely contributed to their significant growth.

3. Boody

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Boody stands out for its commitment to sustainability. Their socks are made from organically grown bamboo, a soft and breathable material. Boody's dedication to eco-friendly practices has resonated with consumers, fueling their growth.

4. GoWith

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GoWith puts a playful spin on socks. Their designs are colorful and fun, appealing to a younger demographic. Go With's focus on creating a unique brand identity has likely been a key factor in their growth spurt.

5. Smartwool

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Smartwool is a well-established brand known for its merino wool socks. Merino wool is prized for its warmth, breathability, and odor resistance. Smartwool's reputation for quality and performance has helped them maintain their position as a top sock brand while still experiencing growth.


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NXTRND offers a variety of athletic socks designed for football. Their socks are known for being comfortable, supportive, and moisture-wicking. NXTRND's focus on performance and innovation has likely contributed to their impressive growth trajectory.

7. Darn Tough

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Darn Tough is another brand with a reputation for quality and durability. Their socks are made in Vermont with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction. Darn Tough's commitment to quality and American manufacturing has resonated with consumers, leading to their continued growth.

8. NNormal

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NNormal is a renowned Norwegian outdoor brand that also offers a line of high-quality socks. Their socks are designed for durability and comfort in the elements, perfect for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. NNormal's reputation for outdoor gear has likely helped them gain traction in the sock market.

9. Umbro

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Umbro is a global sporting goods brand that has expanded into socks. They offer a variety of athletic socks designed for different sports. Umbro's brand recognition and focus on performance have likely contributed to their growth in the sock market.

10. Naked Wolfe

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Naked Wolfe rounds out our list with its focus on fashion socks. They offer a variety of trendy styles that cater to those who want to make a statement with their socks. Naked Wolfe's ability to tap into the fashion-conscious market has likely fueled their growth.

The sock industry is experiencing a boom, and these top sock brands are leading the charge. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, these companies are proving that socks can be both stylish and functional. Whether you're looking for a comfortable everyday sock, a performance-driven athletic sock, or a fashion statement piece, there's a top sock brand out there that has the perfect option for you.

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