The Top 10 Fastest-Growing Stationery Brands

In a world increasingly dominated by digital communication, the allure of beautifully designed stationery remains strong. High-quality stationery is not only functional but also a form of artistic expression. Stationery brands have been experiencing rapid growth, offering a diverse range of products that cater to the desires of both creative professionals and those who appreciate the tangible beauty of pen and paper. Based on Charm's Growth Score™, here are the top 10 fastest-growing stationery brands that are adding a touch of creativity to your desk.

  1. Paperwrld

Paperwrld is a stationery brand that offers a wide range of beautifully designed and eco-friendly notebooks, journals, and writing tools. They combine function and aesthetics to inspire creativity.

The brand's commitment to sustainability and a focus on design-driven products has gained them a dedicated customer base. Their environmentally conscious approach resonates with those who seek both functionality and style.

  1. Coral and Ink 

Coral and Ink specializes in personalized stationery, including custom notepads, notecards, and planners. Their products are perfect for adding a personal touch to your correspondence.

Coral and Ink's emphasis on personalized stationery has made them a top choice for individuals looking to add a unique and heartfelt element to their notes and messages. Their customization options are a key factor contributing to their growth.

  1. The Bunbun Shop

The Bunbun Shop is known for its adorable and whimsical stationery items, including stickers, notebooks, and accessories. Their designs are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Their playful and delightful stationery products have captured the hearts of customers looking for a touch of joy in their everyday writing and organization. Their unique designs set them apart in the stationery world.

  1. Sugarboo & Co. 

Sugarboo & Co. offers an array of stationery and lifestyle products with a rustic, vintage-inspired charm. Their collections include journals, cards, and decorative paper goods.

The rustic and vintage-inspired stationery has resonated with those who appreciate a touch of nostalgia in their writing and correspondence. Their unique aesthetic has contributed to their growth.

  1. Suteki Gifts

Suteki Gifts provides an array of stationery, including journals, planners, and stickers, with a focus on elegant and minimalist designs. Their products are perfect for those who appreciate simplicity.

Suteki Gifts' commitment to minimalist and elegant stationery has attracted customers who seek a clean and uncluttered aesthetic in their writing tools. Their dedication to understated design has contributed to their success.

  1. Joy Creative Shop

Joy Creative Shop offers a variety of beautifully illustrated stationery items, from planners to notecards. Their products are designed to inspire and bring joy to your daily life.

Their artistic and inspiring stationery designs have earned them a following among individuals who seek motivation and positivity in their daily routines. Their emphasis on creativity and well-being sets them apart.

  1. Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle

Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle specializes in Japanese-inspired stationery and lifestyle products. Their collection includes unique notebooks, pens, and accessories with a distinct Japanese influence.

Their focus on Japanese aesthetics and design elements has garnered attention from individuals interested in adding a touch of Japanese culture to their stationery collection. Their distinctive offerings contribute to their growth.

  1. Sugar Paper Los Angeles

Sugar Paper Los Angeles is known for its high-end and stylish stationery products, including stationery sets, cards, and calendars. Their products are perfect for those who appreciate refined design.

The brand's reputation for high-end and stylish stationery has made them one of the top stationery brands for those who seek sophistication and elegance in their writing tools. Their timeless design aesthetic has contributed to their growth.

  1. Ethos + Co.

Ethos + Co. offers a selection of eco-friendly stationery, including notebooks, planners, and writing tools. Their products are designed with sustainability in mind.

Ethos + Co.'s commitment to sustainability in the stationery world has earned them a dedicated customer base. Their eco-friendly approach appeals to those who prioritize environmental consciousness.

  1. Third Drawer Down

Third Drawer Down provides a unique selection of art-inspired stationery and homeware products. They collaborate with contemporary artists to create a range of unique and creative stationery items.

Third Drawer Down's unique and art-inspired stationery collections have made them a favorite among those looking for one-of-a-kind and creative writing tools. Their artistic collaborations contribute to their growth.


These top 10 fastest-growing stationery brands are redefining the art of writing and organization. Whether you seek personalized stationery, whimsical designs, minimalist elegance, or artistic inspiration, these brands offer a wide range of options to cater to various creative and organizational needs. As they continue to innovate and adapt to evolving stationery trends, they are reshaping the way we experience and appreciate the beauty of pen and paper.


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