The Top 10 Fastest-Growing Bedding Brands You Need to Know

When it comes to creating the perfect oasis in your bedroom, the bedding you choose plays a pivotal role. Not only does it determine the level of comfort you experience, but it also adds a touch of style to your personal space. As consumers increasingly seek quality, comfort, and style in their bedding, the bedding industry has seen the emergence of several fast-growing bedding brands. Based on Charm's Growth Score™, here are the top 10 bedding brands that are making waves in the industry right now.

  1. Bedthreads

Bedthreads is known for its luxurious and sustainably made linen bedding. They offer a wide range of bedding products, including linen sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases. Their products are available in a variety of timeless and trendy colors.

The band has carved a niche for itself by being eco-conscious. Their commitment to sustainability and the use of high-quality materials have resonated with consumers. Their rapid growth is also due to their direct-to-consumer (DTC) model, which ensures affordable luxury for customers.

  1. Nestig

Nestig is a brand that focuses on creating cozy and stylish bedding for babies and children. Their products include crib sheets, blankets, and crib skirts, all made with soft and sustainable materials.

Their unique focus on children's bedding has made them a go-to brand for parents seeking quality and comfort for their little ones. Their commitment to safety, design, and sustainability sets them apart in the crowded bedding brands market.

  1. Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth is synonymous with premium bamboo bedding and sleepwear. Their product range includes bamboo sheets, duvets, and pajamas.

Cozy Earth's use of bamboo fabric, which is known for its breathability and eco-friendliness, has gained them a strong following. Their products have been featured in notable publications, and they have also implemented a successful direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategy.

  1. DUSK

DUSK offers a wide range of luxury bedding products, including bed linens, duvets, and pillows. Their focus is on creating a perfect night's sleep through high-quality materials.

DUSK's dedication to crafting premium beddings using ethically sourced materials has led to their fast growth. They are one of the best places to buy bedding for those looking for luxury and comfort.

  1. LilySilk

LilySilk specializes in silk bedding and sleepwear. They offer silk sheets, pillowcases, and sleepwear for a touch of luxury in the bedroom.

The brand's commitment to using high-grade mulberry silk and their extensive product range has made them a top choice among consumers. Their focus on providing premium silk products distinguishes them from other bed sheet brands.

  1. OwnKoti

OwnKoti offers a variety of bedding products, including bedspreads, comforters, and quilts, all designed to add a touch of elegance to your bedroom.

Their unique and stylish designs have made them a preferred choice for consumers looking to enhance their bedroom aesthetics. They have also established themselves as one of the best places to buy bedding for those seeking sophistication and comfort.

  1. Silk and Snow

Silk and Snow are known for their mattresses and bed-in-a-box solutions, but they also offer premium bedding products such as sheets and pillows.

Silk and Snow's expansion into bedding products has been well-received by their existing customer base. Their comprehensive sleep solutions have helped them gain a strong footing among DTC bedding brands.

  1. Beddy’s

Beddy’s offers innovative zip-up bedding that simplifies bed-making. Their products are designed for both children and adults.

The brand has redefined the way we think about bedding by offering a practical and stylish solution to a daily chore. Their unique product has garnered them a growing customer base.

  1. Ecoy

Ecoy focuses on eco-friendly bedding, including bamboo and organic cotton sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases.

Ecoy's commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly materials has earned them a dedicated customer following. They are among the top bed sheet brands for those with an environmentally conscious mindset.

  1. Brooklinen

Brooklinen is known for its high-quality bedding, including sheets, duvet covers, and comforters. They offer both classic and stylish designs.

Their blend of quality, style, and affordability has catapulted them to the top of the bedding brands list. Their extensive product range and positive customer reviews have contributed to their rapid growth.


In a competitive market, these fast-growing bedding brands have managed to distinguish themselves through their commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovative design. Whether you're in search of premium bedding, eco-friendly options, or convenient bedding solutions, these brands have you covered. The bedding industry is undoubtedly experiencing a refreshing transformation, and these brands are leading the charge.


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