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India Top 10 Breaking Out Brands

The World’s second largest country is experiencing a massive acceleration in ecommerce. There are huge success stories like Flipkart and Myntra. We are here to tell you the next 10.

Based on the data Charm tracks, India is experiencing one of the largest increases of the global digital transformation. Over the last 12 months we’ve been discovering more than 128 new DTC brands in India every day. These companies are following the lead of massively successful Indian ecommerce brands and marketplaces like FlipKart, Myntra, SnapDeal, FirstCry, and others. In addition to brands and marketplaces the saas & logistics ecosystem is producing innovators like Limechat & iThink Logistics.

Charm’s time series scoring algorithms can accurately identify what brands are next. Of the Top 5,000 Global Breaking Out brands on Charm, Indian companies represent the 3rd most behind the US & UK. Many of the top products mirror huge success stories from other countries. There’s the Indian version of Allbirds, Beats by Dre style Headphones, & a Goli Gummies look-alike. The digital transformation in India will be fascinating to watch over the next decade and beyond. We are here to keep you informed on the next big success stories.

Here are Charm’s Top 10 Breaking Out brands in India.

1. Mesmerize India

Online chic Western women’s wear. “We dress the Modern Indian Woman”. Their Alexa Rank is up 33% this year and they are growing faster than most all brands in the world with a Charm Growth Score of 96.

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2. The June Shop

Daily essentials with a sprinkle of magic & fun. June Shop has 116K Instagram followers, an increase of 200% year over year. This is good for a Charm Growth score of 96.

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3. The Derma Co.

Clean easy to navigate website with Dermatology products for a large range of skin conditions. Their Ads Library cumulative count nearly 4X’d year over year growing from 142 to last August to 524 today.

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4. Neeman’s

The Indian version of the wool sneaker movement started by Allbirds. “Most comfortable shoes are now made with merino wool from Australia. Neeman’s is India’s first shoes made with natural fibers.” Neeman’s IG follower count is 88K vs Allbirds at 456K. This is much closer than expected given Allbirds global status, but it’s a good example of India’s scale for brands that gain popularity in the 2nd largest country in the world. View Brand

5. Boddess

Best of beauty & cosmetic brands from around the world. Bodess has their own iOS and Android apps making shopping for Western cosmetic products easier. They are in the rare 100th percentile in website traffic rank growth.

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6. OneOdio

The Indian version of Beats by Dre? Not just serving Indian customers, they ship globally for a 3rd of the price. OneOdio qualifies for four Charm preset categories: Breaking Out, Sudden Growth, Scaling Ads, & New to Wholesale.

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7. WallMantra

Huge collection of wall paintings and decor at low prices. These canvas style print painting companies are plentiful and Wall Mantra is claiming the Indian market. Their Instagram follower count has grown 277% to 138K in the last 12 months.

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8. The Man Company

Complete range of premium men’s grooming products, enriched with natural essential oils and free of harmful chemicals. Their growth score has slowed a bit as of late which is normal for a brand of this size. It is estimated that their revenues are north of $45M and They have 591K Facebook followers.

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9. Power Gummies

A lifestyle curating nutraceutical brand, simplifying everyone’s good health, through its rabbit shaped nutritional & vitamins gummies. Goli Gummies anyone? Goli was the #1 Charm Breaking Out brand for multiple months pre-covid. Power Gummies is gaining on them fast with more than half the social media following.

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10. mCaffeine

India’s first caffeinated skin care brand. Think coffee grind body scrub. With a Charm Success Score of 75, mCaffeine is one of the most accomplished in this list. However they are still growing ultra fast with a Charm growth Score of 95. They are currently within the top 50K websites in the world according to Alexa Rank.

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Know any other Indian brands we should be watching? We’d love to take a look at what you are seeing. Feel free to reply with your thoughts. For further reading here is a great twitter thread expanding on the once in a generation explosion in India.



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