Prospect for brands across 160+ metrics

Charm uses a serious data science to compare every brand against one another to spot these growing faster than the rest.

Social & Community
Understand brand growth & engagement on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Etsy and more.
Ad Growth
Understand how aggressively a brand is advertising on Facebook and Instagram and take a peak at the brands current ads.
Distribution & Wholesale
Understand how many online resellers sells a particular brand, for evidence of a wholesale program.
Understand how fast a brand is growing and how successful they are.

Evaluate each brand using the Charm Growth Score™, Charm Success Score™ & Charm Sophistication Scores™

Discover brands with product-market fit that need your help to grow.

CRM Integrations & Segmentation
Use our signals to update your CRM with our native Salesforce, Hubspot, and Airtable integrations.
Email Notifications
Receive update emails whenever a brand enters one of your dynamic list criteria. Reach out to prospects with relevant, timely messaging.
Growth Success

Discover related brands

Research the competition and see how a brand stacks up.

Brand Overlap
Charm shows brands that are commonly sold on the same stores or brands that appear to the same demographic on the social networks.
similar brands

Identify brand resellers & potential wholesale channels

Determine whether the brand is carried on other online stores.

Advanced Computer Vision
Charm uses computer vision and natural language processing to match products being sold online to the parent brand.
Online Resellers

View DTC & Amazon data

Charm's Amazon Prospector is integrated with its core DTC brand data so you can identify DTC brands that have an Amazon presence and vice versa.

Find Brands and Sellers that Fit Your ICP
The Amazon Prospector makes it easy to identify brands and/or sellers on Amazon that fit your key client base so you can operationalize your outreach, increase your ACV, clean up your CRM, and complete your revenue goals.
Identify Resellers
Identify Resellers, or find Brands to work with by identifying sellers that have Brand registration with our “Reseller” Filter.
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The Charm team brings a level of deep data, technology and go-to-market expertise that makes it easy to quickly and effectively utilize Charm data in ways that drive growth across our company.

Matt Goodman
Matt Goodman
CEO, Okendo

Charm has been instrumental in helping our revenue organization be more productive with daily selling activities at every level. The level of insight, detail, and knowledge our team has at its fingertips is directly due to the great work that the Charm team is doing for us. The Shipbob team is incredibly excited for the future work that the Charm team churns out, because when Charm innovates we all win.

Anthony Watson
Anthony Watson
Co-Founder, Shipbob
HeySocial is an impressive prospecting tool for our sales team. We can narrow down our potential targets to a prioritized list based on precise criteria. The wide range of filters available in and easy exporting capabilities are some of our favorite features. With the quick export, the information is immediately usable and creates instant value for our team. The customer success team has also been incredibly helpful and responsive to our needs.

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Lucien Choucroun
Co-Founder, HeySocial

Charm provides incredibly unique insights into the retail landscape that our team can put into action.

Sara Ittelson
Sara Ittelson
Head of Partnerships, Faire