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Charm allows you to monitor how your brand is doing compared with your competitors. Stay informed and ahead of the competition.


Follow brands for competitive insights

Unlock the "Events" tab for every brand you follow.

The Events tab will show you key updates about the brand you're following such as if they added new technology, hired new employees, launched new ads, and more.

Get newsfeed updates on brand performance

Within your account page, you can get a newsfeed of insights into all the brands you are following.

Newsfeed Updates
View a newsfeed of all the brands you're following and get updates sent to your inbox. Be the first to know if a brand added new technology, hired new employees, launched new ads, added new products, and more.

Discover and follow similar brands

Learn about other brands in your space with similar audience and product offerings.

Brand Overlap
Charm shows brands that are commonly sold on the same stores or brands that appear to the same demographic on the social networks.

See how your brand stacks up

Charm allows you to monitor how you're brand is doing compared to your competitors. Stay informed and ahead of competition.

Similar brands
Charm's Similar Brands tab lets you see how fast you are growing, relative to similar companies in your space.

Compare yourself to Amazon brands

Understand and learn from products, sellers, and brands that are succeeding on Amazon.

Product info
Get insights into BSR, category, overall rating, price, and more.
Seller info
Get insights into seller category, location, product count, reseller status, FBA/FBM status, overall rating, total ratings, and more.
Brand info
Get insights into a brand's product count, seller count, and Charm Competitive Score.
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“As a small business, Charm has helped us gain valuable insights on our growth and competition showing us where our greatest areas of opportunity are. It's easy to navigate and the user experience makes diving into analytics simple!”

Alexis Newkirk / Field Sports Training